Paste Magazine Premiers Jane in Space's Single and Video

@pastemagazine premiered our debut single, “Feel It Alive,” along with its amazing music video by Permian Strata, describing the track as “haunting, mystifying.”  Watch the video here and check out the full story below:

Jane in Space is Alive in Captivating New Video
By Louise Parker (contributor) | July 15 2016 | 11:39am
Jane in Space launch their new, vibrant video this afternoon, “Feel It Alive”. For audiences of artists such as CHVRCHES and Ladytron, Jane in Space bring to the table an epic sound that is all their own. Hailing from New York City, the artsy group share hypnotizing elements with the new video; showcasing their talents both on and off the screen.
Jane in Space shared some words regarding the video:
“In writing and recording “Feel It Alive”, the band attempted – both lyrically and sonically – to capture the organic way patterns disassemble into new patterns depending on how they are experienced. For example, as vocalist Tom Vickers coalesces the syllables of the title into different words, heavily altered takes of his vocals drift in and out, creating a hypnotic uncertainty.  The video by Permian Strata focuses in close on Vickers’ face for its entire length while ceaselessly shuffling patterns of footage behind him; the effect accentuates the uncomfortable humanity buried beneath the patterns, both sonic and visual, and reminds the viewer that perception creates the experience.”
Made up of singer Tom Vickers, bassist Josh Stillman and Jesse Jensen on guitar, electronics and production duties, we see the group display their ambitious labor of love with “Feel It Alive.” Their industrial sound comes to life on screen, with a hazy, mystifying sound that is a stunning visual impression; color us impressed.