"The Remixes EP" out on December 15th

Jane In Space is proud to present new remixes for the song "Mental Abrasions" from chiptunes maestro Inverse Phase (www.inversephase.com) and glitchy-house synthwave DJ Paul Feder (www.paulfeder.com). These two remixes will be featured in the up and coming "The Remixes EP" out December 15th on Aion Records. "The Remixes EP" gives a taste of things to come before Jane in Space's sophomore offering, due out in the first half of 2018. Check out the remixes now on Spotify and all other streaming platforms.

The album has "something for everyone" says ReGen Magazine

"Jane In Space certainly has created a musically captivating album that successfully marries a variety of genres together in a smooth and coherent manner...the band definitely possesses its own vibe, and as they continue to grow, coalesce, and come into their own, it will be a joy to see what’s in store on future albums after such a strong debut."

Four stars from ReGen Magazine; four months after its release there are still reviews for the album coming in as more people discover it. 

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After praising "Feel It Alive", Brutal Resonance reviews the full album

"Jane In Space are off to a very good start with their debut album and have a knack for combining vintage industrial and emo sounds with modern techniques and their own unique twist. Each member of this unique trio is bringing a whole lot of talent to the mix."

Swedish industrial website Brutal Resonance first praised Jane In Space's debut single "Feel It Alive" back in July and have now added a positive review of the whole album.

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A unique contrast of light and dark says Almost Real Things

"They have the pop sensibility of Depeche Mode with the dark, industrial sounds of Nine Inch Nails...Though Jane in Space keep the same raw tone, each song on the album sounds different from the other...There is a contrast of light and dark which Jane in Space have been able to uniquely harness within their sound."

Austin magazine Almost Real Things has some great thoughts about the album.

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The Jane In Space album is re-writing the rules says Abort Mag

"A fusion of electronic and industrial music is nothing new, and is certainly not groundbreaking, yet every once in a while someone comes along and re-writes the rules. Jane in Space have taken what genre pioneers Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails had to teach, and built their sound around it, like a spiral staircase...The talent shines brightly through this highly polished offering"

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The Rock Rag calls the Jane In Space album "flawless"

"...music that is capable of transporting the listener mind and body on a journey away from the norm is where bliss is found, and each track on Jane in Space carries within it the capability...The full album is brilliantly flawless and seriously worth checking out."

The Rock Rag had some great words to say about "Jane In Space" and the journey the album takes the listener on.

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Yeah I Know It Sucks is addicted to the Jane In Space album

"...they have that sound that will speak to a lost generation, to the drunks and the druggies, to exciting ravers and ex-ravers, the goths, the altos and probably to you...Please don't sue us if you are starting to develop an addiction to the sound of Jane In Space" 

Yeah I Know It Sucks gives a very in-depth look into every song on the Jane In Space album, and admits their extreme addiction to the band.

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"Jane in Space" Has Landed and Is Available Worldwide!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jane-in-space/id1133225943
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/62iPLPcUlnYGE0RQnjo72i
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Jane-Space/dp/B01IADHH5Y/ref=sr_1_1…

- The Huffington Post: "a masterpiece . . . an authentic and brilliantly unique sound, which changes from song to song."

- Paste Magazine: "Color us impressed . . . an epic sound that is all their own."

- ABORT Magazine: "every once in a while someone comes along and re-writes the rules . . . the talent shines brightly through this highly polished offering."

- PopWrapped: "Jane In Space has created a very unique experience . . . For all those listeners brave enough to drop themselves into an emotionally vulnerable space, this album will speak volumes to you."

- Obscure Sound: "a sound that should delight fans of Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, and Dave Gahan."

The Big Takeover: Jane in Space "Executes Their Vision Flawlessly"

The Big Takeover's review describes Jane in Space's upcoming album as

an explosion of dark and pulsating electropop resplendent with all of the brooding theatrics of late-80s Depeche Mode . . . that still manages to retain an essential pop melodicism filled with infectiously catchy hooks. 

Reviewer Cody Canard continues that "the album itself, in a way, is a bridge between standard pop fare and the most impenetrable of Industrial and Noise; all the while exposing the commonalities shared between the two sides."

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